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Vengeful Ghost: The First Year was brought to life by these amazing people.


Comics is a team sport. Here, in alphabetical order by surname, are the folks who have worked together to bring you this awesome stuff. We call them Ghostfriends.

Katelyn Attanasio

Katelyn Attanasio is a former film preservationist, and is currently a teen services librarian with an interest in queer literature and graphic formats. She is also a musician, photographer, and film editor, and you can find some of her work on hitRECord. Originally from Colorado, she now resides in the DC area with her spouse and their cat, Helo. You can find her on Twitter @kattanasio or on Instagram @mrbnatural.

Developmental Editor – Pay to Win

Deanna Brigman

Deanna Brigman is a professional Animator and Illustrator, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of California-San Diego. She began her career as a freelance artist, working for a variety of clients in many different media. Her current expertise includes Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Illustration (Digital and Traditional), Animation, and Graphic Design.

She enjoys cooking new recipes she finds on Pinterest and trivia nights. You can view her recently launched webcomic on

Developmental Editor — The Coriolis EffectWhat the Mine Gives

Bambi Galore

Bambi Galore is a former military brat and queer performance artist that loves to throw shade even in the form of editing. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her wife, a cat that loves her, and a cat that hates her. You can find her on most social media by way of @bambigalore, most active on the instagram, or look for her alternate persona Sister Dietrich Anne DiMaggio spreading the word of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence throughout the DMV area.

Developmental Editor — Thursday Night

Michael Harker

Michael Harker is an enthusiast of comic books, preventative healthcare, and rock operas.  A recent west coast immigrant to Baltimore, he likes to draw pictures of monsters and write about sad things.

Developmental Editor — Interrogation

Parker Hicks

Parker is a former intelligence analyst, one-time federal investigator, and constant writer. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife, artist and seamstress Allison Hicks. Find him @parkerdhicks on Twitter and +ParkerDHicks on Google+.

Writer — Thursday Night; The Coriolis EffectPay to WinWhat the Mine GivesInterrogation

Kata Kane

Kata Kane is a Baltimore based comic artist, illustrator & designer for hire best known as the creator of the shoujo manga comic Altar Girl. Check out more of her work at, or follow @ashleyaltars,, and

Designer — Vengeful Ghost logo; Vengeful Ghost: The First Year

Dave Kiefaber

DAVE K. is a regular contributor to Adfreak and B&N Reads, and his creative work has been published in Front Porch Journal, Cobalt, Writers & Words, Welter, Artichoke Haircut, the Avenue, and Truck. He is the author of stone a pig and MY NAME IS HATE. In his spare time, Dave K. is a gyre of marine debris particles in the central North Pacific Ocean.

Developmental Editor — What the Mine Gives

Sonia Liao

Sonia Liao is a comic artist based in Westford, Massachusetts. She has done work for Sourcebooks Fire, EMET Comics, and Global Tinker. When not drawing, she is chasing her naughty dog Luca around the house. Her work can be found at and

Lines and Tones — The Summit
Letters — The Summit

Kevin Machtelinckx

Kevin Machtelinckx is an adventure photographer based in Portland, Oregon, though his work spans many continents. His expeditions are sponsored by his own sense of humor and fueled by a never-ending supply of Belgian chocolate. His work can be seen at

Developmental Editor — The Summit

Miles Peiser

Miles Peiser is a bibliophile and collector of languages (WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE). Some, though not all, of his interests include: folklore and storytelling traditions; writing; many varieties of gaming; singing; stress testing and exploring the philosophical implications of theories, systems, and paradoxes through the judicious (read: excessive) application of questions; and baking.

He is a former educator with a BA in Philosophy and the History of Math and Science from St. John’s College in Annapolis, as well a background in Arabic, and Medieval philosophy and mathematics. These days, he works in electronic publishing, and lives in Baltimore with his spouse, and a ginger tabby cat named Plato (who will some day soon be as broad and fat as his name implies, if he has his way).

Developmental Editor – Pay to Win; To be announced

Laura Simpson
Laura Simpson is a New York based user experience and game designer. She’s passionate about games and design thinking. She’s half of the game imprint Sweet Potato Press. She can be found on twitter @labmouse talking about gaming, ux and assorted other topics.

Developmental Editor — Thursday Night

Lindsay Smith

Lindsay Smith is the author of the novels Sekret, Skandal, and Dreamstrider, and the lead writer on the serialized drama The Witch Who Came In From the Cold, out now from Serial Box Productions. She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and dog, and writes on international issues in cyber security.


Developmental Editor — Interrogation

Olivia Stephens

Olivia is an independent comic artist and illustrator. She studies Illustration at RISD and updates an ongoing romance/drama webcomic called Alone. You can find her on Twitter, Tumblr and Tapastic.

Lines and Tones — Thursday Night
Letters — Thursday Night
Developmental Editor — The Summit

Marta Tanrikulu

Marta is an editor, comics writer, and reformed mad scientist. You can find out more about her work at TanMar Editorial and ViZYON Entertainment.

Developmental Editor — The Coriolis Effect

Ann Uland

Ann is a comic artist, queer feminist, and confirmed chocoholic. She loves her wife, pin-ups, and all things historical. She is the artist half of Arbitrary Muse Comics, producers of If the Shoe FitsCassius, and Dual.

Lines and Tones — Interrogation
Letters — Interrogation

Kendra Wells

Kendra Wells is an illustrator and comic artist in NYC. They like beer, flowers, and cats.

Lines and Tones — The Coriolis Effect
Letters — The Coriolis Effect

Jabari Weathers

Jabari Weathers is under suspicion of being a goblin prince from beyond the veil who is currently seeking refuge in Baltimore, Maryland. They make fantasy and sci-fi art for themself and others to keep up their glamor (and because it’s fun). Other things that they enjoy are pen and paper role playing games, singing in public places, and things that are thoroughly uncanny.​

You can find Jabari’s handiwork at their portfolio site, or follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

Lines and Tones — What the Mine Gives
Letters — What the Mine Gives

MC Wolfman

MC Wolfman is a New York based Illustrator and Comic Book Artists who lives in the sewers. You can see his work at

Lines and Tones — Pay to Win
Letters — Pay to Win


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