I’m waiting for a gig to start and overcaffeinating myself with a large cappuccino, so let’s talk about our weeks!

WORKING: Work has been a little frustrating this week. I’ve had to let go of a pitch to an anthology, which is a bit frustrating. I’ve got “submit to an anthology” on my list of goals for March, so I’ve got to get cracking! Especially since there are some other major Vengeful Ghost goals coming up by March (that may rhyme with Clickbarter). I’m also looking forward with a little bit of dread to all the year-end accounting tasks coming up. W9s and 1099s ahoy!

PLAYING: Grand Theft Auto V remains one of the best purchases I’ve made, game-wise. The continued release of new content keeps bringing me back. My wishlist of in-game purchases totals up to tens of millions of in-game currency–better get to grinding those heists! Speaking of, if you play GTA on Steam, hit me up at @parkerdhicks and let’s rob some banks together or something.

My Blades in the Dark campaign is going swimmingly. I’m finally getting the interference effect from an ongoing, open table campaign that I’ve been looking for for a long time. One table of folks took it upon themselves to recover a stolen piece of art from another thief, but only managed to set up the heist before the session ended. Next session, with entirely different players, the thief got nervous and hired the new players as bodyguards to smuggle him out of the city. There was a showdown at the train station and everything! Gaming gold.

I’ve been running RPG happy hours at a local bar since April or so, and the group is getting bigger and bigger. We had four different games running last week, and at least 20 people attending. That’s pretty darn cool, and it’s time to think about how to scale it effectively. It’s going to need some heavier structure soon.

CONSUMING: This weekend was a weekend for movies. My wife and I watched Jupiter Ascending and The Man from U.N.C.L.E., both of which I enjoyed thoroughly. There was the core of something awesome with Jupiter Acsending, and it was way better than I’d been led to believe. It suffered a little from a sort of treadmill feeling in the middle, where the protagonists confronted three similar challenges in the exact same way, but the constant betrayals and intrigue really got me invested. Unfortunately, the intrigue was only kind of teased, and was generally resolved with punching. I think there were just too many factions involved to give them meaningful interplay.

And we watched the pilot of Shut Eye, which is delightfully weird. Jeffrey Donovan is fanatastic as a stage magician, con man, and storefront psychic that is way out of his depth dealing with the LA criminal psychic underground. So much of the fiction I like involves a competent person chucked out of their comfort zone into a situation that they don’t completely understand, having to figure it out as they go along. The ritual and mystic elements of the psychic fraud and Romani underground fascinate me, too.

Enough from me–what have you been up to this week?