“The Coriolis Effect” is almost done! The final page goes up tomorrow (pssst…it’s already available over at our Patreon page), so we’re celebrating by giving away a prize package!

Do you want a free digital copy of “The Coriolis Effect” to put on your phone so you can show it to strangers on airplanes? How about a free, signed copy of the limited edition ashcan? Huh? You wish the pot were sweeter?

How about a print from “The Coriolis Effect” artist Kendra Wells? Check it: something like this could be yours!

How, you ask? I’ve got you covered.

The full rules are here, but here’s the rundown: From now until we announce the end of the window sometime around 8 November, just do one or more of these things: Pledge to support us on Patreon; subscribe to our newsletter; like us on Facebook; like one of our Facebook posts that is labeled with #vggiveaway; vote in a poll we host; and/or Retweet one of Parker’s #vggiveaway Tweets.

Already done some of those things? Great! You’re entered! Keep going! Multiple entries are encouraged, and no purchase is necessary to win–all entries are treated exactly the same.