WORKING: This week has been all about Vengeful Ghost’s Six Month Celebration, preparing for things like the giveaway that starts today! I’ve been putting a lot of thought into putting VG in front of more eyes. It’s been coming at the expense of the creative side of things, but I did get to see some very early layouts for Project Delhi, which was terrible exciting. Maybe you’ll be seeing them as a sneak peek yourself in a little bit!

PLAYING: Not a lot of play this week–dull boy and all that. I did get in an excellent session of John Harper’s Blades in the Dark, in which a scrappy young gang of scoundrels attempted to set up a ghost brothel. It was unclear whether it was a brothel for ghosts or by ghosts, but it probably doesn’t matter too much. At the end of the session, the smugglers they were going to use for drugs and luxury items had double crossed them and the boat full of cargo was sinking to the bottom of a stinking canal. I hope we get to see them again.

CONSUMING: Still plugging away on Red Mars. I also went and saw the latest production by my friends and loved ones in the Baltimore Rock Opera Society, Brides of Tortuga. Two thumbs up for the pirate experience. People were tossed overboard, stowaways were threatened, and swashes were buckled. If you’re in the DMV area, there are still four more chances to catch the show. It’s worth it.

My brain misinterpreted a small dance number in the middle of the show, and now is working overtime on the idea of cults forming in small, isolated social situations. Lots of ingredients are swirling: this little dance by three kidnapped women; the Greenies from The Things They Carried, the Hunters from Lord of the Flies, Hiroko and the Areophanists from Red Mars… I’m not sure what’s going to come out of the soup, but I imagine it’ll be something interesting.

Enough about me. What have you been up to?