It’s been a busy few weeks here at Vengeful Ghost HQ!

The biggest news is that we got a hold of a fifty-copy print run of the “Thursday Night” ashcan. This is very likely the only time this story will be printed alone, and it’s Vengeful Ghost’s first printed project. Super exciting!

It’s a good thing we got them, too, because this Saturday is our first convention: Bmore Into Comics Issue #10. If you’re in the Baltimore area on 23 July, you should definitely come out and see us and the other great comics folks that’ll be hanging out, selling books, holding panel discussions, and generally having a blast. This is one of three guaranteed ways for you to get a hold of a copy of “Thursday Night”!

And then we got the word that Vengeful Ghost has been accepted to exhibit at Baltimore ComicCon this September, as part of the Bmore Into Comics table. Another super awesome event, and the second of three guaranteed ways to put “Thursday Night”‘s ashcan in your hot little hands.

The final guaranteed way to find a copy of the “Thursday Night” ashcan (remember, only fifty were printed!) is to become a patron of Vengeful Ghost. By pledging to support us every time we publish a page, you get get priority access to our limited print runs– at a discount! There are other awesome benefits, too, so you should definitely check it out. Goodies start heading your way at just 20 cents a page, and every little bit helps.

That’s about it for tonight–it’s time to make sure tonight’s page is polished and then get cracking on some of our other super secret projects.

What’s that? You want a peek at a secret project? Well, you can’t! You absolutely cannot click this link right here!